How to add $KDAO-LP on PancakeSwap

Want to be eligible for our exclusive pre-sales? You’ll have to be one of the top 250 $KDAO liquidity providers on PancakeSwap.

Confused? Keep reading to find out how to add liquidity:

Step 1: Head over to PancakeSwap and click the “Liquidity” tab, then the “Add Liquidity” button.

Step 2: Click the search bar and paste the $KDAO token address 0x9dbdaf2e53b9ed03772b0cba0215fe42d3a8a993
Click the token name.

Step 3: Input the amount of BNB you want to add to the liquidity pool. Higher amounts will place you higher on the LP list. (Remember, the top 250 get pre-sale access for our launchpad).

Click “Approve KDAO”.

Step 4: Wait for the “Supply” button to appear and click it. This can take a while, but if you’re waiting longer than 2 minutes; try refreshing the page.

Click “Confirm” and that’s it! You’re all done!

Now you can check what position your wallet appears in the LP list and see if you’re eligible for Launchpad access! (The top 250). If you’re not, you can increase your rank by adding more $KDAO and $BNB liquidity!

Good Luck!

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